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Solutions Showcase

Below you can see some interesting implementations and solutions created by other companies from all over the world using Tibbo Technology. We're always on the lookout for interesting projects to feature in this space. If you'd like to be featured, please drop us a line.

IDP — Israeli distributor has created a Smart Home system around the Tibbo Project System.

Entek — Turkish distributor created an energy monitor device to be installed across, one of the largest providers, Avea's GSM cells across the country.

Wine Emotion — Italian wine dispenser & nitrogen generator company uses EM1206+GA1000 to add remote management to their machines.

Sundial SLR — Tibbo distributor in Argentina for 10 years creates a wireless device server based on EM1000.

Wolfd — a Portuegese OEM creating unique projects, both large and small, based on Tibbo modules and controllers.

Amedi — a Taiwan-based company which created an impressive home-automation system using EM1206.

Dawang Group — Based in Singapore, Dawang Group makes intelligent video surveillance equipment and uses Tibbo devices for alert processing.

JDAL Systems — Shows what one serious engineer can do with our EM500 in his free time.

DAE Instruments — A Taiwanese company (just like Tibbo!) making advanced power metering equipment around our EM1206.

Nine SRL — Italian company specialized in the development and integration of industrial applications uses DS1206 as protocol converter.

SMS Box — A Taiwan-based company that specialize in intelligent message box, survillance products and more.

Elnetron — Based in Athens, Greece, making wired and wireless controllers and data collection devices.

IDP — Israeli distributor has created a remote relay control application, the IDP2804 which utilizes the DS1005.

Pegaso — an Italian company creating key management systems around the EM1000.

ATech — a Slovenian company making advanced controllers for pellet boilers and stoves.

Micro Nursecall Systems — a South African company making mission-critical medical equipment based on the EM1000.

EnergyTeam X-Meter — industrial power meter from Italy, with EM1000 inside.

Fischer Electronicsysteme products — ruggedized devices made in Germany around the EM1000.

SKD-1 by Embedded Systems, a Poland-based company, creating access control and other automation solutions.

FAT810 by GigaTMS — a smart, network-enabled data collection and factory automation terminal.

Programmable IoT OverviewTibbo Project System (TPS)ControllersBoardsModulesCode & ApplicationsSolutions Showcase