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DS1206 Programmable 3.5-channel
RS232 Controller

The DS1206 is a compact Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable controller with Ethernet connectivity. The DS1206 targets serial-over-IP and serial control applications.

The DS1206 features a multi-channel RS232 port. The device has a single DB9M connector and is priced as a single-port product, yet packs 3.5 independent serial channels.

Another feature of the DS1206 is its software-controlled power output on pin 9 of the DB9 (serial port) connector — you can power an attached serial device directly through the DS1206. Alternatively, the DS1206 itself can be powered through the pin 9.

The DS1206 comes preloaded with a fully functional serial-over-IP (SoI) application that turns the DS1206 into a powerful serial over IP (SoI) device, a.k.a. the device server.

Key Features

10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
3.5-channel RS232 port
High-performance CPU (T1000)
Power in/out on DB9 (pin 9)
1MB flash disk for TiOS, application code, and file system
2048-byte EEPROM



  • 10/100Base-T, auto-MDIX Ethernet port.

  • 3.5-channel RS232 port on DB9M connector:

    • TX, RX, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD lines;
    • Baudrates of up to 921,600bps;
    • None/even/odd/mark/space parity modes;
    • 7 or 8 bits/character;
    • RTS/CTS and XON/XOFF flow control;
    • Flexible mapping with 15 different options, such as:
      • A single channel: RX, TX, CTS, RTS, DSR, and DTR lines;
      • 3.5 channels: RX, TX, RX2, TX2, RX3, TX3, and RX4 lines;
      • 13 additional arrangements.
  • Based on the high-performance T1000 IC.

  • Programmable "12V" power output on pin 9 of the DB9;

  • Pin 9 can also be used for "12V" power input.

  • 1MB flash memory for TiOS, application code, and file system.

  • 2048-byte EEPROM for data storage.

  • Four LEDs:

    • Green and red status LEDs on top of the device;
    • Link and speed Ethernet status LEDs on the RJ45 jack.
  • Software-controlled onboard PLL.

  • Power: 12VDC nominal (10 ~ 24V).

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 60x47x30mm.

  • Operating temperature range: -5 ~ +70C.

  • Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network.

  • CE- and FCC-certified.

Optional Accessories:

See Also:

  • DS1101 3.5-channel RS232 controller
  • DS1102 3-channel RS232/422/485 controller

*For this device can be used as crossover cable too


Create powerful, network-enabled applications in Tibbo BASIC and/or Tibbo C. Learn more...

Platform objects:

  • button — monitors the MD (setup) button.
  • fd — manages flash memory file system and direct sector access.
  • io — handles I/O lines, ports, and interrupts.
  • net — controls the Ethernet port.
  • pat — "plays" patterns on a pair of status LEDs.
  • ppp — accesses the Internet over a serial modem (GPRS, etc.).
  • pppoe — accesses the Internet over an ADSL modem.
  • romfile — facilitates access to resource files (fixed data).
  • ser — controls the serial channels.
  • sock — socket comms (up to 16 UDP, TCP, and HTTP sessions).
  • stor — provides access to the EEPROM.
  • sys — in charge of general device functionality.

Function Groups: String functions (27 in total!), date/time conversion functions (8), encryption/hash calculation functions (RC4, MD5, SHA-1), and more.

Variable Types: Signed and unsigned 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit types; floating point and string types; user-defined arrays and structures.

Files and Documentation

TiOS Firmwaretios-ds1206-3_60_06.bin
DocumentationDS1206 Hardware Manual
DS1206 Programming Platform
CE Certificateds1206-ce.pdf
FCC Certificateds1206-fcc.pdf

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