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Tibbo Project System (TPS)

Take what you need. Leave out what you don't.
Embedded Computers

Tibbo Project System (TPS) is a highly configurable and affordable industrial automation platform. Its flexibility is based on Tibbits® – miniature blocks that implement specific I/O features.

Need a certain I/O function? Install the right Tibbit. Have no use for something? There is no need to have it in your device.

This module-based approach saves you money by allowing you to precisely define the features you want in your programmable automation controller.

Offering a comprehensive range of process automation solutions, including industrial controls and remote monitoring system, Tibbo Technology helps bring higher efficiency and quality to the plant floor.

With TPS, we have completely rethought not just the hardware, but also the configuration and ordering process. Read on and see for yourself!

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Embedded Computers

Start With a Tibbo Project PCB (TPP)

A Tibbo Project PCB is the foundation of your TPS device.

Available in Tibbo OS (TiOS) and Linux versions, as well as two sizes, each board carries a CPU, memory, an Ethernet port, power input for +5V regulated power, and a number of sockets for Tibbit Modules and Connectors.

Remote automation

Add Tibbit® Blocks

Tibbits (as in "Tibbo Bits") are blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality housed in brightly colored rectangular shells. Tibbits are subdivided into Modules and Connectors.

Want an ADC? There is a Tibbit Module for this. 24V power supply? Got that! RS232/422/485 port? We have this, and many other Modules, too.

Same goes for Tibbit Connectors. DB9 Tibbit? Check. Terminal block? Check. Infrared receiver/transmitter? Got it. Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors? On the list of available Tibbits, too!

Industrial computing

Assemble into a Tibbo Project Box (TPB)

Most projects require an enclosure. Designing one is a tough job. Making it beautiful is even tougher, and may also be prohibitively expensive.

Not to worry – your Tibbo Project System can optionally be ordered with a Tibbo Project Box (TPB) kit.

The ingenious feature of the TPB is that its top and bottom walls are formed by Tibbit Connectors. This eliminates a huge problem of any low-volume production operation – the necessity to drill holes and openings in an off-the-shelf enclosure.

The result is a neat, professionally looking housing for embedded computing system every time, even for projects with the production quantity of one.

Remote automation

Develop your application

TPS2 and TPS3 devices (TPP2 and TPP3 boards) are powered by Tibbo OS (TiOS) — our super-compact, agile operating system. Use Tibbo IDE (TIDE) software to create and debug TiOS applications in Tibbo BASIC, Tibbo C, or a combination of the two.

Newly announced Linux-based LTPS devices (based on the LTPP3 board) can be utilized and programmed in a multitude of ways: you can write your app in a classical C++ language, fashionable Node.js, or cutting-edge Node-RED. Finally, Embedded AggreGate allows you to create and deploy sophisticated applications without writing any code, or build your app on that staple of industrial automation – IEC 61131-3 family of languages.

Unique Online Configurator

Use our Online Configurator to define your custom TPS IoT platform and immediately order it from our online store.

The Configurator allows you to select the Tibbo Project Board (TPP), "insert" Tibbit Modules and Connectors into the board's sockets, and specify additional options. These include choosing whether or not you wish to add a Tibbo Project Box (TPB) enclosure, DIN rail mounting kit, and so on. You can also select if you system will ship fully assembled or as a parts kit.

The Configurator makes sure you specify a valid system by watching out for errors. For example, it verifies that the total power consumption of your future TPS device does not exceed the available power budget. The Configurator also checks the placement of Tibbits, ensuring that there are no mistakes in their arrangement.

Completed configurations can be kept private, shared with other registered users, or made public for everyone to see.

Remote automation

Tibbo Project System is an Innovative
Industrial Computing Platform

As modular, expandable industrial computer, TPS is perfect for embedded networking, device connectivity, industrial networking, industrial wireless and remote home automation. To fully realize the TPS potential, use it in conjunction with our AggreGate platform — a powerful solution for data collection, control, embedded systems and remote monitoring of devices.

Together, the TPS embedded computers and AggreGate form a solid foundation for your next Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) project or application

Mainboards (TPPs)Tibbit BlocksProject Box Enclosures (TPBs)Online Configurator